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Why B'nai Israel?


B’nai Israel is a different kind of Conservative synagogue – a shul where “the power is in the people.”

Though rabbinically-guided, we fill the responsibilities of prayer leadership, education, and spiritual inspiration from 
amongst our members.  Responsibility means opportunity at B’nai Israel, and there are multiple ways to grow in ritual literacy and leadership, mentored by members of the community.  At B’nai Israel, everyone is both teacher and learner.


B'nai Israel takes practice in the home - in all its diverse expressions - seriously.

The synagogue builds upon the rich foundation of our Jewish home observances to create a congregation that is traditional, yet open to innovation and responsive to modern sensibilities.






B’nai Israel is a place where you can feel welcomed, feel a sense of peace, and enjoy the unreserved love of others.        

At BI, we lunch together at Kiddush, we welcome each other into our homes for Shabbat and holiday dinners, and we share life cycle moments with intimacy and warmth. We reach out to each and every member to be part of our present.



Because of our youth and vigor.


We are sustained by a robust adult population and also consistently nourished and inspired by the youth of our synagogue.  Our young adults and children are encouraged to come together both inside and outside the synagogue to grow their Jewish commitment.




Mon, September 16 2019 16 Elul 5779